Welcome to Jijisake everyone! I am Jiji, a Sake Sommelier from Italy, currently living in Tokyo. I'm here to share my passion for Japan with you. Jijisake is a place where we can talk about sake and food. This is a journey of passion and inspiration.

Let's take this yummy trip together.

I prepared for you a sake tasting that will make you feel confident about sake. And I carefully selected authentic Japanese pottery & kimono items to complete your crave for Japan.

Join me and let’s get started!



Jiji Sake 

The adventures of a Sake Sommelier



A little bit about me

I’m Giulia, but you can call me Jiji. Welcome to my new adventure! Just a word about me, before we dive in.

I was born and raised in Turin, Italy. I studied Japanese language and moved to Tokyo in 2015. I love everything about food: cooking it, eating it, talking about it. I am a professional eater, you know! And I am passionate about Japanese food and drink culture. Pursuing my love for sake, I became a certified Sake Sommelier. Hope I can share some drinks and Japanese delicacies with everyone!

私は、生まれも育ちも北イタリアのトリノで、平成26に東京に引っ越して来ました。日本に来てから、日本の食文化に興味を持ち、日本料理の勉強を始めました。平成30に日本酒利酒師の資格を取り、観光客の為のグルメツアーや日本酒テイスティングのクラスなどを行っております。日本とイタリアの食文化の違いや味を融合させる事の面白さなど、食に関するトピックをお伝え出来ればと思います。宜しくお願いします 。

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sake & kimono
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