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Who is Jijisake

My name is Giulia, but you can call me Jiji. I was born and raised in Italy, and I moved to Japan in 2015. I started working in the tourism industry as soon as I arrived in Tokyo.


Soon my focus shifted to Japanese food culture and sake, and this is when the sake journey started. 

Focused on spreading the knowledge of this Japanese ambrosia, I took the 利酒師 Kikizakeshi diploma in Japanese and started hosting tastings.


In 2020 I founded Jijisake where I talk about sake, share facts & anecdotes and host sake courses and tastings.

Sake Achievements

  • Sake Educator SSA

  • 利酒師 SSI (Kikizakeshi)

  • Certified Sake Professional (CSP) recognized by the Sake Education Council

  • Host for the  Sake Education Program with the  JSS (Japanese Sake & Shochu Makers Association) for 60+ embassies

  • Private tastings and corporate events

  • Writer for

  • Collaborations with JSS & Delicious Japan

  • Worked for Itakura Shuzo, a sake brewery in the Shimane Prefecture

  • I write blogs/articles/reviews about sake and the sake world

  • Co-creator & Co-host of the sake podcast Sake Unplugged

  • Co-founder of Sake Sisters

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