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Private Sake Tasting

your guide to becoming a sake expert

Learn all sake secrets with an SSA Sake Educator and Seasonal Brewer

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What to expect

More informative than a simple tasting, and less demanding than a course, this experience will give you all the tools to confidently know about sake. Learn how to recognize the different types, and how to choose them and pair them with your favourite dishes.

The tasting includes 5 sake and lasts about 2.5 hours during which we will talk about sake production, sake types, serving tips, food pairings, and more! 

Location: the tasting is held at a private location in Asakusa, Tokyo   

Price: 6.500 JPY (+tax)

For private requests:

Please note that an extra fee will be applied for groups of over 6 people

Cancellation Policy:

To reschedule contact the host at least 24 hours in advance. Please note that refunds aren't available.

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