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Bekuhai - Sake drinking game

Bekuhai is a traditional drinking game from Kochi prefecture and includes a set of 3 uniquely shaped sake cups and a six-sided spinning top

The word bekuhai in kanji is 可杯 and 可 in Chinese literature can't be placed at the end of the sentence, therefore the cups can’t be put down before finishing the sake


The rules of the game are very simple, the players will take turns spinning the top. Once it stops, the player the top is pointing to has to drink from the cup drawn on the top side of the spinning top. While its spinning, the player will sing songs like ベロベロの神様

「ベロベロの神様は 正直な神様よ 酒好き(お題) の方へと おもむきゃれ エェ おもむきゃれ」

The cups:

Okame is a lovely and smiley lady and its the smallest cup of the set. Although there aren’t specific rules about this cup, some say it’d be rude to put her down on the table and cover her beautiful face so one must drink

Hyottoko is a comical character and this cup has a hole where the mouth of the mask is so, in order to drink without spilling, one must cover the hole the whole time

Tengu is a legendary figure with a long nose, and because of it it can’t be place down to the table but one must drink the sake.The sake poured in to cover the whole length of the nose and this makes this cup the biggest one the set

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