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junmai nigori

Junmai Nigori


  • Rice: Gohyakumangoku

  • Alcohol: 15.3%

  • Polishing ratio: 60% 

  • Body: light

  • Flavour: sweet

  • Aroma: grapefruit, cotton candy, mirabelle

  • Food Pairing Ideas: barbecue, pasta dishes, meat, Japanese curry

  • Serving Temperature: 5-40°C

  • Extra notes: refreshing with a smooth texture and flavour. It becomes mellow when warm

       Keep refrigerated​

kimoto nigori

Kimoto Nigori


  • Rice: Omachi

  • Alcohol: 15.2%

  • Polishing ratio: 70% 

  • Body: light

  • Flavour: medium-sweet

  • Aroma: sour cream, banana, soy milk, yoghurt, ripe melon

  • Food Pairing Ideas: meat, gratin, cheese, caesar salad, ham

  • Serving Temperature: 5-35°C

  • Extra notes: a very well-balanced sake with a silky texture with low acidity

        Keep refrigerated​


Haru no Tsuki Sparkling Junmai Ginjo Nigori Nama Genshu

春の月 微発泡 純米吟醸 にごり生原酒

  • Rice: Enishi no Mai, Saka Nishiki

  • Alcohol: 17.3%

  • Polishing ratio: 60% 

  • Body: light

  • Flavour: medium-sweet

  • Aroma: orange zest, mango, vanilla, pear

  • Food Pairing Ideas: charcuterie, sashimi, cheese, creamy pasta dishes, mochi dessert

  • Serving Temperature: 5-15°C

  • Extra notes: lively and refreshing, with deep umami. Perfect with finger food

       Keep refrigerated​​

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