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The Sake Experience

This is your guide to becoming a sake expert

Learn all sake secrets, how to recognize the different types, how to choose it and pair it with your favourite dishes.

The host, Giulia, is an Italian Sake Sommelier and SSA Sake Educator and she will create the perfect tasting for you. 

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What to expect

More informative than a simple tasting, and less demanding than a course, this experience will give you all the tools to confidently know about sake.   

This experience is customizable!


The experience can be solely focused on sake or can include bites for a well-rounded tasting experience. Contact the host for inquiries about the experience.

Depending on the party size and the customer's requests, the experience can be tailored to best fit you and your group.

Location: This experience can be held at a sake bar, at a chosen location or at the customer's house


*Please let the host know if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions at least 3 days prior to the event

**The price may vary depending on the experience

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