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Introductory Sake Professional

The ISP (Introductory Sake Professional) course is the first step to joining the Sake Sommelier world.

Designed to provide an entry into sake education without the commitment of a longer course, the Introductory Sake Professional provides a unique opportunity for enthusiasts & beginners to expand their sake knowledge. The course covers the basics of sake’s origins, serving etiquette and production, as well as an introduction to the differences between various types of sake, and more. 

DAY 1 

History & Culture 

Sake Production

Sake Types



Serving temperatures

Serving etiquette

Sake tasting

At the end of the course, you will receive a lapel pin and a certificate as Sake Professional certified by the SSA Sake Sommelier Association.

Due to the current circumstances, this course is a Zoom webinar (we hope to be able to have in-person courses soon). 

Price: 18000 JPY

The fee includes studying material and sake set

(6 bottles of 180ml)

        This course can be booked PRIVATELY (without extra charges)

The course is available to anyone residing in Japan.

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The Certified Sake Sommelier is a fantastic way to increase both your sake knowledge and sommelier skills. Designed to take place over a few days, the Certified Sake Sommelier covers modules such as:The in depth history & culture of sake, sake Tasting, sake production, umami, and much more!

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